Answers to Your Tenants’ Rights Questions

  If you are a residential tenant you may have questions regarding tenants’ rights. The first place to turn when you have a question regarding your tenancy is your lease or rental agreement. Read it — the entire document including any attached rules. In many cases there will be a provision which directly answers your question.

  If an answer is not found in the lease or rental agreement, or if you have questions about your rights under California law, this guide published by the State of California probably has the answer: “California Tenants.” The guide can answer most questions that arise during a residential tenancy including those which relate to unlawful detainer, habitability, repair and deduct, and security deposit issues.

  In addition to your lease or rental agreement and California law you may also need to consult local rent control ordinances for answers to your questions. A simple internet search consisting of the name of your city and the terms “rent control” should reveal your local rent control ordinances, if any. Review them to ascertain if any are pertinent to your situation.

  These three resources will answer most typical questions. If your rent is subsidized or if you are in the military you may have additional rights and should consult the appropriate authority to ascertain them.

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