DREAMers May Now Apply for Deferred Action

   The time has come. DREAMers may now apply for consideration of deferred action. Complete up-to-date information, including required forms, are here. It is strongly suggested DREAMers have competent legal counsel assist with the application process to verify eligibility and review the required documentation so that the application is approved. There is no right to appeal. It is extremely important that the application, including supporting documentation, be truthful and complete. Avoid scams: Make sure assistance is provided by qualified legal counsel before you part with any money by verifying credentials.

Obama Grants Deferred Action to DREAMers!

   Wonderful news for DREAMers and their families: Immigration officials are told to stop deporting young immigrants who came to this country illegally as children but have stayed out of trouble since. More about this historic event and the criteria at ImmigrationProf Blog.