Treble Damages For Obtaining a Loan By False Pretense

  A default judgment for obtaining a loan of $202,500 under false pretenses results in treble damages under Penal Code section 496. The case is Bell v. Feibush. Continue reading

What is the Measure of Damages For Wrongful Injury to a Pet?

Puppy with an injured paw The Second Appellate District follows the First. In Martinez v. Robledo the court held that damages for the wrongful injury of a pet are not limited to the market value of the pet but the owner may also recover the reasonable and necessary costs incurred for the treatment and care of the pet attributable to the injury.

 The court relied heavily on Kimes v. Grosser which held that the owner of a pet cat can recover the “costs of care of the pet attributable to an injury if the costs are found to be reasonable and necessary, and punitive damages if the injury is found to be intentional.”

Emotional Distress Damages Available For Intentional Injury to Pet Dog

  An award to plaintiffs of emotional distress damages for the intentionally injury to plaintiff’s pet dog Romeo by striking it with a baseball bat was recently upheld on appeal. Continue reading

Loss of Consortium Damages Available If Married When Disease Diagnosed

   In California, a spouse is permitted damages for loss of consortium for the personal injury or death of a spouse. The recovery for loss of consortium is limited to married couples.  Individuals in relationships, boyfriends and girlfriends, or even couples who are engaged but not married, are not entitled to such damages. Continue reading