Virtual Lawyer

“Representation Made Easy”

   What is a virtual lawyer? There is only one requirement: virtual lawyers must be connected to the internet. Once connected it is only matter of degree – and how effectively technology is leveraged to bring greater satisfaction to the client and lawyer.

   Physical location, the driving force in real estate, is important to lawyers too. But, it is substantially less so in the digital age. A large, separate physical space, once made necessary for file storage, a law library, multiple office machines, support staff, and a conference room is no longer needed for solos. All of these things can now be carried around in a device smaller than your hand. Technology has made those physical things not only unnecessary, but an albatross — draining creativity and imposing burdens with little benefit, at substantial cost.

   Fortunately for solos, the marketplace has recognized this fact. Technologically savvy clients, who use digital media and the internet in their daily lives, recognize the convenience and other benefits of digital communication and have embraced it. A lawyer who uses current technology effectively produces better product, in less time, less expensively than is otherwise possible.

   In my practice, being a virtual lawyer means that I prefer using the internet, email, and the telephone for client communication as opposed to in-office face-to-face conferences. It is not because I am shy. I simply find it more efficient, and I am able to be more responsive to client needs, when I can skip the “face-to-face and cut to the chase.”

   The first time I personally meet most of my clients is in court, or at a deposition, or mediation. The first time I met one client was when he picked up a $130,000 check. I have never met some: I only know them by voice.

   Of course, there are circumstances that call for a face-to-face office conference. Clients who are not connected to the internet and technologically savvy, first come to mind. In those circumstances and for the elderly, office conferences are usually required and I am pleased to accommodate. But, if you are reading this, chances are you are connected in all the necessary ways and if you want me to be your lawyer, I will encourage a virtual attorney-client relationship for our mutual convenience.

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