“Representation Made Easy”

  • Use your phone, computer, and email
  • Transmit documents via email or fax
  • Limited and full representation
  • Ethical, dependable, and prompt
  • Pay online or by mailed check
  • Office consultations available

  I aim to make legal services available whenever needed and engagement possible over the internet. I am always as close as your telephone and computer. “Representation Made Easy” saves you time and inconvenience — you will not have to make an appointment, take time off from work or from your business, to consult or retain an attorney. Experienced, qualified counsel is just a phone call away.

  When you need representation – call me at (818) 971-9409 and leave a voicemail message, Or, send an email using the Contact Form. A voicemail should include:

  • First and last name (articulated clearly and spelled)
  • Telephone number
  • A brief description of your legal matter

  No matter what your legal matter, chances are I have successfully represented clients in similar situations. My goal: provide the services you need, consistent with your objectives and budget, for a reasonable fee. My engagement, and often legal services, can be completed quickly over the internet — all without you taking 2-4 hours from your work day to meet with me in my office.

   During a confidential initial telephone consultation we can decide if I can help. If a document review will helpful, I may ask you to send documents in a single PDF file attached to an email or via fax. If so, I will review the documents on receipt, and then call you to further discuss the case, fees and other terms for my recommended services. I may ask for a reasonable fee for document review, legal analysis, and further consultation.

   Review the FAQs before contacting me.

  I may suggest limited scope representation as a means to keep legal services affordable and within your budget. Limited scope representation may be suitable when, for example, a response to a lawsuit is due but you cannot fund a litigation retainer. In that circumstance, I may recommend that I prepare an agreed response for you, pro per, to Easy-Keyavoid your default and to protect your legal right to defend yourself. You will then have time to obtain additional funds, or to develop a strategy to resolve the matter on acceptable terms. Or, perhaps, I would continue to provide additional limited, discrete legal services on a fee for service basis.

  If you are unable to afford legal services, links to self-help and low and no cost legal services are on the Self-Help page.

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