The defense and prosecution of claims and lawsuits is a major part of my practice. If you have a claim you wish to pursue, or one is made against you, or you have been served with a lawsuit – I want to help. My experience includes a substantial variety of claims and proceedings in both federal and state courts, including bankruptcy and probate. It allows me to render effective representation for an affordable fee.

   The types of cases I have handled over the years are so varied it is not practical for me to attempt to list them all. However, more recently, they have generally fallen into the following areas: real property, business and contact disputes; legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty claims; petitions and proceedings in bankruptcy and probate; and general negligence and strict liability claims. Less recently, I have defended aviation claims and administrative actions against licensed individuals such as nurses, teachers, professors, and real estate brokers. My experience includes the prosecution and defense of claims involving insurance companies, including coverage issues and bad faith.

   There are some types of cases I do not handle. I do not handle tax matters, except in the context of a bankruptcy, probate, or trust proceeding, and then only in consultation with a tax expert. I no longer handle contested family law matters, workers compensation claims, or immigration proceedings — except in conjunction with a present case. Recent representative cases are here.

   If you are an individual, including a professional, or engaged in a business — chances are I have the experience your matter requires. The best way to find out is to give me a call. The first time you call be prepared to leave a voice mail message which includes your true full name (first and last), telephone number, and the reason for your call that includes a brief description of the legal matter. If your voice mail contains this information, your call will be promptly returned. If not, it may be ignored. All first-time callers are screened for this information to avoid phone spam. Subsequent calls, after your telephone number is keyed into my contacts because we have already spoken, will reach me directly.

  To learn more about me and my practice, please explore the links on the Menu Bar or to the right, particularly the page titled “Representation Made Easy.” Recent cases that have interested me and are germane to my practice are on the Home page. A search from the Home page, or the search box on this page, may locate a recent case of interest to you. You may also wish to explore My Latest Avvo Answers from the Avvo website and my Avvo Legal Guides.

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