“Initial phone consultations are without obligation. Call me. I want to help.” — Michael Daymude

  Legal fees are based on the nature of the service. Some services, such as the drafting of a Will or Declaration of Trust, are usually rendered for a flat fee which I will quote during your initial consultation.

  Other services, such as the defense or prosecution of a lawsuit, do not lend themselves to flat fees due to unpredictability. It is impossible, when involved in a lawsuit, to determine in advance how much time and effort it will take to achieve your objective. Litigated matters, and services where a flat fee cannot be quoted, are generally handled on a straight hourly basis and a retainer or advance fee deposit is required.

  Some types of matters lend themselves to a contingency fee agreement. In a contingency fee agreement I take a percentage of any recovery. If there is no recovery, I am owed no fees, except I am entitled to reimbursement for any advanced costs. I handle very few cases on a straight contingency basis. An exception would be personal injury claims where a contingency fee is the norm.

iStock_000015842159XSmall  In all cases, I strive to render value to my clients. I understand litigation can be unsettling due to the inability to predict cost or outcome. I am always willing to discuss alternative or modified fee arrangements which bring value to each of us — including blended hourly-contingent fees, lump sum monthly or less frequent retainers, and modified hourly-retainer rates.

  I consider alternative, non-standard fee arrangements to allow me to represent clients on terms they can afford. Possible terms vary by case. If you wish me to consider an alternative fee arrangement, be prepared to share your budgetary constraints with me. If you are unable to afford full representation, perhaps I can render effective limited scope representation.

  Avoiding confusion regarding fees for services is important. Therefore, and to conform with California law, any agreement for legal services where fees and costs are anticipated to be $1,000, or less, will be confirmed via email and invoice. In all other cases, except in an emergency or when the situation makes a written fee agreement impractical, a written attorney-client agreement signed by all parties is required prior to me providing legal services.

  An initial 30-minute telephone consultation is without obligation and may include a review of documents, if you are able to forward documents to me in a single PDF file via email or fax. Depending on the matter and the type of assistance you are seeking, I reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for document review, analysis, and further consultation. With regard to hourly billing, I follow the court approved practice: services are billed on an unbundled basis in .1-hour increments, rounded up to the next tenth. View a sample invoice. Further information regarding fees can also be found in the FAQs here.

  Payment accepted through the Zelle® network (electronic funds transfer from your financial institution), PayPal, Chase QuickPay, LawPay (eCheck, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®), your electronic payment service, and by check, cashier’s check, and money order.

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