Consumer Protection Bureau Files First Lawsuit Against Law Firm

   My interest was perked by this article in the WSJ today: “Consumer Protection Agency’s First Lawsuit Targets Law Firm”. It warms my heart when scam artists, particularly those who happen to trade on their law license, get their due. One of the principals involved in the alleged scam is California attorney Chance Gordon who operated a loan modification mill under several DBAs. State Bar proceedings, and hopefully criminal charges, will follow. A receiver has been appointed. If you have been a victim, contact the State Bar and Kent Kawakami, local counsel for the Consumer Protection Bureau, whose contact information is listed on the face page of the complaint.

UPDATE: On February 22, 2016 the State Bar Court recommended disbarment of Chance Gordon. The decision is here.

3 thoughts on “Consumer Protection Bureau Files First Lawsuit Against Law Firm

  1. As an attorney, maybe you should INVESTIGATE ALL THE FACTS prior to posting unfounded defamatory statements on your website. I have broken NO LAWS and am the target of a rogue federal agency that seeks to advance a political agenda at my expense.

    I am more than welcome to share with you the written agreements that customers sign with my office. I personally wrote these agreements with both SB94 and the MARS Act in mind. I will be happy to e-mail these agreements to you so that you can have all facts you need to support your current baseless assertion that I am a “scam artist”. You are also welcome to visit my Facebook page where you can see my perspective.

    If you are interested in doing what lawyers are supposed to do, (consider both perspectives before reaching a conclusion), that please visit my Facebook page. You can be added as a friend and write whatever opinion you would like on my page and it won’t be deleted, (unless it is obscene). However, if you aren’t interested in considering both sides of the issue and instead want to crucify someone that is currently subject only to unfounded allegations than I only have one thing to say…The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is hiring!


    Chance E. Gordon

  2. I do not wish to add to your troubles. A visit to your Facebook page proves you surely have enough on your plate. However, I feel I should point out the following:

    A simple Google search of “chance gordon law firm complaints” reveals, in addition to the pending complaint filed against you by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a host of complaints filed by unsatisfied clients with the Better Business Bureau, and complaints filed with other online reporting services.

    The search also reveals the following administrative actions filed in other states concerning loan modification services offered by you and your firm: Dubois v. Gordon (Connecticut) and Commonwealth v. Gordon (Pennsylvania). Your Facebook page acknowledges a pending California State Bar investigation.

  3. UPDATE: The Consumer Protection Bureau ultimately obtained a preliminary injunction against the Chance Gordon Law Firm and the receiver’s final report and accounting has been filed.

    The California State Bar has placed Chance E. Gordon on involuntary inactive status effective November 19, 2012 with disciplinary charges pending. More information here.

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