“Just the facts, ma’am.” — Sergeant Joe Friday, “Dragnet”

Michael R. Daymude
Virtual Lawyer“Representation Made Easy”

  • Experienced: since 1974
  • Resident of Sherman Oaks since 1979
  • Ethical. Dependable. Respectful. Responsive. Competitive. Personable.
  • Active Member, State Bar of California. My profile is here.
  • Admitted: California Supreme Court
  • Admitted: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • Admitted: United States District Court, Central District of California
  • Admitted: United States District Court, Northern District of California
  • Admitted: United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California
  • UCLA School of Law, J.D., 1974
  • Invited Member, UCLA Law Review
  • Invited Member, UCLA Moot Court Honors Program
  • University of California Irvine, A.B, 1971 (Honors, Economics)






My Promises to Clients
I promise to:

  1. Treat you with respect and courtesy;
  2. Be honest in all communications with you using words you understand;
  3. Use my best efforts on your behalf;
  4. Handle your matter timely, competently, and diligently — meeting all deadlines;
  5. Be accessible and responsive — I will return phone calls and respond to email and other correspondence promptly, usually the same day;
  6. Keep you informed about significant developments, promptly forward to you copies of all important documents, and respond to your informational requests;
  7. Promptly convey all amounts, terms, and conditions of any settlement offer;
  8. Maintain your confidences and assert the attorney-client privilege on your behalf whenever necessary to protect them;
  9. Exercise my independent professional judgment — always in your best interests;
  10. Charge only an agreed fee pursuant to the terms of our agreement;
  11. Render detailed true statements of account, including an accounting of any funds held in trust, monthly and at your specific request;
  12. Respect your decisions and objectives with respect to your matter, as permitted by law and the State Bar Act;
  13. Personally provide all professional services — I will not delegate my responsibility to associates or paralegals unless we have agreed otherwise;
  14. Comply with the State Bar Act, including the Rules of Professional Conduct, during and after my representation.

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